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The most popular of small microcontrollers are the Arduino family and the Raspberry Pi series. Projects developed on the Arduino and Raspberry Pi can be standalone (standalone) or can communicate as slave devices with software on the host. This open source motherboard is now available in several models, such as UNO, Nano, Due, MEGA, Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3. The best part of this convenient design is to extend many modules through some commonly used interfaces such as spi, i2c, usb, such as: LCD display, OLED display, RFID, WiFi, relay, stepper motor, DC motor and LED, and some sensor modules. Can be used for flame, temperature, water, I / R and more. An ideal development bench for designers, amateurs, mechanical engineers and students. Since the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a multi-platform environment, you can run it on a Linux, Windows or MacOS host. Once the program is developed, it is easy to download to the motherboard via USB. 100+ sensor modules can be found here. To purchase these modules, you can download the relevant circuit diagrams, datasheets, library files and reference codes for free.
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